Future of Rehab

LEVEL uses movement data from wearable sensors to enhance exercise compliance, clinical decisions and processes.

Optimize Time

LEVEL increases exercise compliance and the rehab experience by:

  • Sending alerts and reminders
  • Tracking progress
  • Creating better conversations about rehab exercise programs

LEVEL up the Patient Experience

LEVEL creates rehab exercise programs that can be completed by patients on their own or with minimal supervision. LEVEL does this by:

  • Counting repetitions
  • Tracking Range of Motion (ROM)
  • Real-time exercise feedback
  • Baseline and Functional testing

Expand Services

LEVEL is working to create additional tools to expand clinic services:

  • Virtual rehab sessions
  • Resiliency exercise programs
  • Fitness integration
  • Functional assessments
  • And more


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What We Do

The LEVEL system consist of wearable sensors, paired with remarkable software that allows for clinicians to observe and measure movements performed during and after rehabilitation.